Easter Pocket Money Market 4 April 2015


The Easter Pocket Money Market is looking good!

The Moth Hall is an all-weather venue and there is a stage area so I am really hoping we will get some young musicians who would like a busking slot. Stalls booked so far have a superb array of goodies on offer with many activities too so there will be plenty to do. There are still stalls available and they can be booked here via this Booking Form

There is loads of parking and I have allowed for the Two Oceans race road closures so access should be fine. If you do get delayed please just get hold of me on 0833840590 so I can get your table ready for you as best possible.

If there is anyone able to lend a hand on the day that would be great. I could use a hand to set up and to keep an eye on the door, as well as closing down. Some of the items are heavy to pack away. I am also still really looking for someone to take photos and also anyone able to assist with printing. I will add your logo to everything. It would alo be lovely to have tea and coffee for the parents, there is a little kitchen so if anyone can take this on please give me a shout. Otherwise I will go the self service & honesty box route.

I have also had a few inquiries about to my qualifications and why I am doing this. I have a degree in Economics from Stellenbosch University and I also hold RE1 and RE5 (Key Individual) qualifications which are what the Financial Services Board introduced recently. My latest qualification was in Nov 2013 and I subscribe to all major publications so my knowledge is pretty current. I am doing this as I truly belive it is one of the most useful things our children can learn. Anyone with suggestions is always welcome to get in touch via linda@livelightly.co.za.

I look forward to seeing you at the market. If you would like to assist with picking the winners please let me know – it’s a tough job!

Thanks so much to LTL Kids for sponsoring the venue!

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