On Parental assistance, pre market ads & check out the “profit accounting” sheet

Hi again

I have had quite a few parents asking about their role. Parental assistance is 100% OK and essential for the younger children. However, I will be chatting to all the children and the amount of involvement in their stall will naturally be taken into consideration for awards. But this is a fun event, just being a part of it is a good thing and may be the spark that lights a future flame.


Check out the little “Accounting Sheet“. This needs to be completed by each stall at the end of the market in order to qualify for a certificate. I suggest the first four columns are done while making the goods. (NB I can’t upload a PDF here so this is just to give you an idea.)

Stall Name:________________________________________________

Children’s Names:_____________________________________________

Item Cost per item Selling Price Profit per item Number sold Total Profit for item
Gross profit:          
Less Cost of stall:          
Less any other costs: transport, point of sale material, samples, etc          
Net Profit:

Change in float: _____________ (Excluded from above)                          

Don’t Panic;) The cost per item does not need to be a perfect calculation…just work out roughly what you think so the kids have an idea of the principle. Older children can get more detailed but don’t stress…it’s just to get them  thinking in that direction. Parents will have to do the sums for the little kids but it would be nice if they can write the numbers. Older children can also start taking into consideration other costs like transport, packaging and so on.

Profit is not a main consideration in the awards, it is one of a number of considerations which are detailed in an earlier post. I would like to emphasise the value of originality, creativity, sustainability and allowing children to express their personalities. In accordance with my philosophy of “Living Lightly” it is one of my aims for children to conceptualize sustaining themselves by doing something they love and that adds value to the world. Working with friends and family and enjoying the camaraderie of other traders is also part of the experience.


Please send me your stall signs or any adverts the children want to make. Just snap a pic and I will post them here and on Facebook and Twitter as per market advertising.

Please also like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PocketMoneyMarketSA and Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/LiveLightlyKids

On Saturday: I am still looking for anyone able to lend a hand with taking photos, general set up and close down, filling in certificates, prizes and “judging”. Please drop me a line to magic@livelightly.co.za if you are keen to get involved in any way. This is only the second market and all suggestions are welcome. I have big plans and would love to take this concept nation-wide and have many add-ons in the pipeline. I have had enquiries from Canada and Australia too!

Massive thanks to our venue sponsor: Lights That Last – LTL Kids http://www.ltlkids.co.za/ and our print sponsor Graphic and Print Solutionshttp://www.reproclinic.co.za/


Have fun getting crafty!

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