#Phase2 Rollout: Making the circle bigger with morning craft and product workshop.




So with a few regular markets under my belt I am looking forward to phase 2.

The Pocket Money Market has two main aims and so far we have worked mainly with the primary objective which is nurturing a spirit of entrepreneurship in young children. It is my sincerest long term wish that more South Africans will be able to sustain themselves independently and possibly in a more flexible lifestyle conducive to less commuting and more active parenting which is often a challenge.

I would also love to bring real and immediate income generation to families where the means for the children to join the Pocket Money Market are simply not available.

While I am tempted to try this in one of the bigger areas such as Table View or the Northern suburbs who are very keen for a market, I think it may be best to trial this first on familiar ground.

I therefore need to arrange the following:

Possible dates are the weekend of 29/30 August and 5/6 September. I would prefer Sunday 30 August if possible.


Morning session of craft/product manufacture. I think 9:30am to 12:00.

This will require loads of volunteers who have some kind of product they can assist us to make. We need at least 20 different product ideas and they can include anything at all…food items, décor, sewing, paper craft like cards, beading, making bath salts as well as lables and packaging, a stall sign and assistance with teaching costings and profits.

The idea is that a group of children will be able to come and make ideally two kinds of items for their stall, and at least 10 of each item or enough to generate a reasonable profit. Any children who do not have the family support or means to attend a regular market  may apply or be referred for this and acceptance will be according to available spaces in the age groups. If the demand is high we may work in pairs or groups.

The materials required will need to be collected or sponsorship arranged where they must be purchased and we will need volunteers to teach specific products and volunteers to assist making them and with labels, signage, etc.

The idea is that the first market will donate all the raw materials and training. Should the children wish to continue Pocket Money Markets they will need to reinvest some of their takings into materials for the next one. We will however still assist where needed and with transport and so on.

Afternoon Market from 12:30 to 2:30

A regular Pocket Money Market will then follow the morning crafts. This will be open to all children and they are all welcome to come and assist at the morning session too.

A good location is essential, ideally with some traffic and some shelter so if the weather is not perfect we can still continue. However is outdoor is the only option we will simply have to have an alternative date option.

I would like to begin this with kids from Masiphumulele and Ocean View so ideally something in the far South. We will also need to budget to transport these kids to and fro and provide them tea and lunch.


So…Any ideas, volunteers and donations are all welcome !

Send suggestions for organisations who would like to send children to participate too.

Phone me on 0833840590 or mail linda@livelightly.co.za

As always I can always use any assistance with venue sponsorship, prizes, printing, signage, PR, etc too.

As you may have noticed sorting out photos and reports is taking time too – this may be a great opportunity for a student reporter and / or photographer! Please spread the word, this can be on a one off or ongoing basis and I am sure they will be much more likely to be published than me!

New month and all, I promise I’ll catch up this week.






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