March & April Report

Well it has been a very busy couple of months as we crammed in as many markets as possible before the summer came to an end.

The Wishmakers, Kiera Kolnik & Sage Snell (both 9) made this fantastic advert, its really worth a watch. 


We had the delightful Cape Point Vineyards as weekly venue every Thursday afternoon and then joined the Deer Little Market in Deer Park, Cape Town for the Freedom Day market. Long Beach Mall have kindly given us indoor space for the winter and we have had our first event there too. Many thanks to those fabulous venues for hosting us. Weekly events are very demanding on the children on top of their school and extra curricular activities, and even though they are not obliged to attend any minimum number of events, we had a strong crew that attended every market. They have become very motivated and formed a team and help each other with sales, displays, packing and so on. In addition they add tremendous value to the new traders as they absorb them into the scene and show them the ropes. Sometimes, particularly with outreach candidates, we have to do very basic training including role play selling and posing as a tricky customer. With all the time and will in the world, there is no better teacher than experience and when the more experienced kids see a newbie struggling they are quick to share their tricks of the trade. It seems to me that when its coming from a fellow trader the content is much more easily absorbed and applied so the mix of regular traders with new comers and outreach with the home sponsored kids gives this project a unique energy

One of the requirements is that each stall send in an advert before the market. Here is a link to some of these, please take a look:

Unfortunately I had a mishap and severed my Achilles which put me out of action for a while. The markets have continued and may thanks to my sister Nikki Mountifield and to Damian Wolf for all their hard work. I have not been able to get around much so we will only be having our prize giving and workshop at the end of this month: Saturday 28 May from 3:30pm.

We have also been busy with Rotary and I was lucky enough to be invited to their international conference in Stellenbosch where there was a huge focus in encouraging entrepreneurship at a younger age. I was a little overwhelmed to be in such  luminary company and by all the interest in this project. The great news is that they are already assisting with some items we need badly like signage and we have been put forward for the “President’s Challenge” which will go toward start-up assistance for outreach candidates. It is also looking like we will have space every week next summer at the Rotary Park on the seafront in Green Point, a truly stunning venue that I have been looking at with longing eyes. It is really exciting and validating, many thanks to Rotary. The flip side of the coin is that I need to make all this happen while still working full-time. I really hope that with the infrastructure they are helping to set up, this project will begin to look good enough for a corporate to come on board and sponsor me a little retainer so I can do it properly for a change. There is really so much more that can be done!

But things are happeningand its exciting.

We are looking for children who would like to join this project, especally outreach candidates. Children may trade alone or in groups of up to four. Outreach candidates will be sponsored for the first market’s start up expenses and we will teach them and help them make all their stock as well as transport and anything else. After the first market they need to reinvest, but all the assistance remains in place. It would be really great if some candidates had a mentor that could help them too.

I am based in the far south but am happy to travel anywhere in the Cape if you would like to begin and event in your area. Please give me a call on 0833840590 for via the contacts page.

While we have not made the official awards yet, here are a few details of what some of the children have achieved in the last 2 months:

The Wishmakers, Kiera and Sage (both 9), are new traders and made a wonderful advert which brought them and order of 100 dolls for export to the UK. Congratulations girls, that is fantastic!

Other new traders that deserve a special mention are Ezra Evans (8) for his delightful origami kits. His sister Clara and her friends Tallulah and Sage stood in so sweetly for him when he was busy too.(With apologies, the video follows the folding in 360 degrees;)

Easy Gami final

Katie Harris (8) Has joined with her really beautiful fairy gardens and terrariums. Katie has quickly improved her costs by switching to recycled jars.


King Mlotha (8) demonstrated that simplicity is often best. His “Sweet Pop” game was the most popular attraction at the last market and he is a delight to have at market.

Maylee Clayton made a really lovely game, Jaro Conradie’s original range of hats is superb, and Khaya Reishmann has a great concept in “Stick a Frame” & Regan Hawtrey is a balloon twister extraordinaire, available for parties too.


The more experienced traders have really embraced the “accounting” side of things, this was a running battle for many months and now they fly in at closing to show me the totals on their sheets all balanced. Kiana Sonenberg (12) has become a demon trader with a real passion for accuracy in book-keeping! Robert of Roberts Organic  Magic Plants who won our last main prize, is now handing in accounting forms 4 pages long in Excel format! I still remember when he could not complete the first line! He has really done well and had a go at all the concepts we have introduced, like including a variety of price options with a range of products from R10 to R200. He has demonstrated how you can bump up your profits from all the smaller sales by including a couple of high ticket items and double your earnings with just one sale. This shy little guy also always demonstrates for product knowledge will help you win over even the most difficult customer. Rawk Dudley-Stead is anther of the regulars who has finally mastered the accounting and also become a master of Point of Sale displays. Rawk makes stunning items from things he finds in nature and his outdoor  O’s & X’s sets on tree rings make a really good gift, they can be ordered from PMM any time.

Emma Colyn is possibly the most dedicated and hard working trader of all, always with a smile. Emma has been a dedicated saver working to a goal…she even has to pay het mom petrol money to come to markets so its all very real. Emma’s seed bombs are a pretty gift idea and great as a token for events. She also does kids party packs to order so if you are having a grown up or children’s party and need a take home gift let me know and I’ll pass your details to Emma.


There is so much more to say, but I am almost out of time for now.

I will carry on writing this report tonight…so please come back for the finished version tomorrow (13 May)

Here is a slide show of a some of the markets over the last year:




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