Sunday 13 Nov Market at Noordhoek Farm Village

Here is the trader list for this Sunday at Noordhoek Farm Village:

The Soap Cellar
Made It Pretty
Khaya’s Emporium
princess an pirates
Sydney’s gifts
duncky funcky danika
SA Cool Trding Kids
Sweet Pop
Evie’s Knick Knacks
Oh, Fudge!
Cook n Craft
Robert’s Plants
Hannah’s Take

Stall Fee: We usually have a very flexible R50 stall fee towards running of PMM, certificates, etc. Please note this is only payable on the day and if the children have earned enough, we can look at the sheets and alter accordingly or waive it where necessary.

Trestle tables are provided and there are benches too, but you may like to bring a chair. Please bring a cloth.

We are trading from 11 am to 1:30pm, but give me a ring if you need some flexibility and I’ll try accommodate everyone.

Remember your change float.
I have mailed out the new accounting sheet and suggest you complete as much as possible at home before the market.
Completed sheets must be handed in at 1:15pm please, if you need help please just ask during the market.

When you arrive on Saturday, please see me and book in BEFORE setting up.
All stalls must have a sign please.
A couple of rules: No playing on cell phones during trading please, they are best packed away for security anyway.
Please try not to eat at your stall, it looks unprofessional. I know the kids get peckish and a quick bite is fine but don’t make the stall a picnic area. No gum chewing while trading please.
While younger kids need adult help I think from about 10/11 years they should be fine without and I am around if they need help. For those needing help please can we keep it to just one adults at the stall, otherwise the event loses the kiddie vibe.
When you pack up please leave your area immaculate, if you have had messy activities please pick up any bits.
We are all ambassadors for the PMM and I am always proud that the kids are so much more professional than the pros!

Please send me a JPeg advert for your stall, as soon as possible as I am running behind. This can be anything you like: a photo of goods being made, of the goods or sign or both or even a Youtube video.
As always feel free to send any extra pics, videos, info or promotional material for your stalls and any suggestions for promotion in general, handy links to spread the word, etc.

Please also note we may not poke any holes in the astroturf so no umbrellas etc unless they are on stands. The weather forecast is cool and clear with a breeze.

I am still somewhat on the back foot and have not had a chance to recreate the flyers and so forth which were all on my stolen computers…but slowly getting back to where we were! I’d also love any photos if you have to share, particularly the last few months as all mine are gone.

Please feel free to call me on 0833840590 if you would like any help or have questions.
See you at the market,

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