Pocket Money Markets 1 and 8 Dec

Hi all and a big welcome to all the new traders.

We are super excited to be back at the stunning Cape Point Vineyards this week.

This is a great venue and for those who have not been before here are the details:

We trade in the playground area so if you can add an activity to your line-up that can work really well.

We have 5  trestle tables to share between 10 traders. These are set up for us, but you need to bring a cloth and a chair if you need one. Please note the ground is a bit uneven and tables can wobble so check before unloading and kids should not lean on the tables;)

The trader list for this Thursday 1 Dec at Cape Point Vineyards is :

My Take by Hannah
Oh Fudge!
K.S Creations
Zeke & Luther
Kelly’s Rock Shop
Cook n Craft
Sweet Pop
Kids Stuff
Roberts Plants

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The trader list for 8 Dec is

My Take by Hannah
Oh Fudge!
K.S Creations
Like a Boss Products
Kids Stuff
The Charlie Factory
Cook n Craft
Sweet Pop
Roberts Plants


Please send me a JPeg advert for your stall, as soon as possible, by tomorrow at the latest. This can be anything you like: a photo of goods being made, of the goods or sign or both or even a Youtube video.

As always feel free to send any extra pics, videos, info or promotional material for your stalls and any suggestions for promotion in general, handy links to spread the word, etc.

Stall Fee: We usually have a very flexible R50 stall fee towards running of PMM, certificates, etc. Please note this is only payable on the day and if the children have earned enough, we can look at the sheets and alter accordingly or waive it where necessary.

Set up and parking: Please be mindful that we are guests at this lovely venue and the main market traders need to unload substantial set ups. We need to be ready to trade at 4:30, set up is from 3:30. As it is likely to be busy later, I’d suggest not getting there too early and rather staying later so try for a quick set up design. We are also in the open so factor in some sun and wind, it can get cool at sunset so pack something warm just in case. It is best to drive behind the main building and unload near the playground. Please unload quickly and then move your car before setting up. Ask me or Damian if you need a hand.

Remember your change float.

Each stall will get the accounting sheet and suggest you complete as much as possible at home before the market.

Completed sheets must be handed in at 6:30pm please, if you need help please just ask during the market.

All stalls must have a sign please.

A couple of rules: No playing on cell phones during trading please, they are best packed away for security anyway.

Please try not to eat at your stall, it looks unprofessional. I know the kids get peckish and a quick bite is fine but don’t make the stall a picnic area. No gum chewing while trading please.

While younger kids need adult help I think from about 10/11 years they should be fine without and I am around if they need help. For those needing help please can we keep it to just one adults at the stall, otherwise the event loses the kiddie vibe.

When you pack up please leave your area immaculate, if you have had messy activities please pick up any bits.

We are all ambassadors for the PMM and I am always proud that the kids are so much more professional than the pros!

Please feel free to call me on 0833840590 if you would like any help or have questions. 

Please also contact me if you wish to trade at the Noordhoek Farm Village on Wed 7, 14 or 21 December (We have space for 2 traders at their evening markets)

Don’t forget to book for Sunday 18 Dec at the Farm Village too and RSVP for the workshop and awards on 13 Dec.

Lastly please can you try and use the online booking. I find it really hard to keep track of direct messages and texts for bookings and for potential sponsorship it really helps to have the bookings all on the form.

Thanks for your support!

See you at the market,


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