2017 Pocket Money Market Bookings are open

Hi everybody

I hope you all had a great break and back to school has been smooth. Apologies for the silence, I went back to the drawing board a bit. Business wise, it is a bit rough out there, possibly as tough as its ever been & I saw it quite noticeably in the trading. It is concerning as we need to keep the children positive  while teaching them to manage in the reality of the current economy. I am rolling out two fixed dates a month for markets and a workshop every 6 to 8 weeks. Longbeach Mall have confirmed and bookings are open and Noordhoek Farm Village will confirm shortly. These venues are weather proof  and supply tables and they are keen to support the concept. I love CPV but the wind and weekdays are proving hard to work around. When we have these long-term schedules in place then I’ll promote them heavily and try for some advertising sponsorship too so we can create a softer trading environment for the children. I also need to spend more time working on the goods and activities line up individually & try to give the children more of an edge if possible. All ideas and help are more than welcome, PMM is a cooperative venture!

Bookings are open for Long Beach Mall (Indoors, last Saturday of every month)                     28 January
25 February
25 March
29 April
27 May
24 June
Bookings will open shortly for Monthly Sunday markets at Noordhoek Farm Village too, as well as other venues.

The booking link is: https://pocketmoneymarket.com/market-stall-bookings-for-kids-from-3-to-16/
Please get in touch if you would like a market in your area and have a great venue to suggest. We also need volunteers to assist with outreach kids and in general.                 Contact Linda: 0833840590 E-mail: linda@livelightly.co.za

Each stall is required to have a sign and complete the accounting sheet provided as well as sending in a pre market advert. All children fulfilling this will get a certificate of participation and there will be an Entrepreneur of the Day

There is a non compulsory registration fee of R50 for 1 or 2 children and an extra R20 for additional children sharing a stall.If you are unable to pay this fee please contact me to apply for a reduced fee or a free stall as a limited number are available for those who need assistance. Generally I wait to the end of trading to collect fees and keep it below 20% of their total net profit, it’s very flexible. I do however think it is a good idea to teach the children the concept of rent and overheads, plus we have expenses to cover. If you would like to contribute anything above this fee to assist with the project that would also be most welcome. Startup assistance is also available for any children who need help purchasing the materials for their first market. We have been allocated some funds from Rotary for this.

I am on the scrounge for prizes for the kids and also lucky draw prizes to promote our events. Any suggestions or contacts would be most appreciated.

As always, this is done in scraps of “spare time” so apologies for the lack of professionalism. Any and all are welcome to jump in!




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