Market update for Feb to June 17

Hello again

We have added some more market dates and reshuffled a little as the venues sometimes change a bit. I am very grateful to the venues that are are hosting us free of charge and supplying tables, massive shout out to Noordhoek Farm Village and Longbeach Mall!

Bookings are open for 28 January, 12 February, 18 February
12, March, 25 March
29 April
27 May
24 June
(Easter market still to be confirmed)
Please get in touch if you would like a market in your area and have a great venue to suggest.

Please book here:

All youngsters are welcome and I am happy to have kids over 16 too, they must just help out a bit with the market if possible. Each stall needs to submit an advert before the market, complete an accounting sheet which I supply and meet certain POS requirements. They will then all get a certificate and there will also be an Entrepreneur of the Day.

Please call or message me on 0833840590 for any help or info and also please share far and wide! If you are not in the whatsapp group please send me a message. Also please follow this blog as this will give you an automatic notification of new events ( You must click “follow”)

Just a reminder that we have a market this Saturday 28 Jan.

Traders booked so far are: 

Made It Pretty

Helenas biscuits treats

Jungle fun

My Take by Hannah

Sweet Pop

Cook n craft

Sydney’s gifts 

Dunkey funcky danika

Gabriel’s Mucky Stuff

Robert’s Plants


Many thanks to Damian for all his help. Damian was a trader but is now too old for PMM and still helps. For those of you who don’t know, he has cystic fybrosis and is in hospital again at the moment…GET WELL SOON D, tons of love.

Also I am excited to let you know Beyoncifer will be starting PMM in Mitchel’s Plein area after her baby is born next month. All the best Beyoncifer and welcome to the crew. 

With Damian in hospital and Nikki back at work I am really needing help if anyone can spare a bit of time for admin, marketing or outreach. I have also started teaching (Economics, Bussiness studies and environmental management) so its been a busy January. I am proud to say our young traders are streaks ahead of the teenagers and young adults I am now teaching, when it comes to business knowledge, well done!

We also look forward to our first international traders as we have bookings from abroad for the first time. WOW!

I am just shaking my calendar into its final shape and will release the workshop dates soon.

As always I am looking for prizes, sponsors and new venues too.

Remember that I also have START UP ASSISTANCE PACKAGES sponsored by Rotary available too. Also the stall fee is not compulsory, it’s just to teach the concept of overheads, etc. I only collect at the end and keep it below 20% of net profit. I’d like to cover some costs if possible and also give Damian something for his considerable efforts and his data expenses.

Thanks for your support!



PS: New traders please check out these pages:

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