Full Steam ahead! Report backs & next events

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It has been a really busy few weeks and I’ve not been able to keep up with the website – SORRY!

We had a great workshop and awards event on 5 April. We had space for 20 children and managed to fit 21! The workshop was a Marketing and Sales module where we investigated need identification, market research, the 4P’s and some advertising strategies. I was really impressed with how the children are managing the concepts, some are even at the stage of calculating the return on capital employed!  Their fun activity was decorating (and then eating) an Easter egg which helped keep the younger ones concentrating through the lecture. I always love how the kids engage at these workshops and come away inspired!

Awards were given as follows:

Emily’s Sweet & Savoury – Best Niche Market

Robert’s Plants – Top Earner

Maleteka’s Crafts – Best new trader

Helena’s Yummy Treats – Most improved accounting

Oni’s Organics – Sales excellence


Over All Young Entrepreneur for the Term is The Soap Cellar – Congratulations Rachel!


We have had great markets at Noordhoek Farm Village, Longbeach Mall and the Blue Train Park in Greenpoint and the Entrepreneur of the day at those were “Made it Pretty”; Soap Cellar and Helena’s Yummy Treats respectively. Well done!

Bookings are open for 29 April at Longbeach Mall and we are shifting to winter schedule and as it is exam term we have just 2 indoor markets a month for next term. Our flagship event is Youth Day 21 June and we are going to announce our amazing venue for that shortly.

We have also launched a dedicated branch for Mitchell’s Plain and a new branch in Gauteng.

We now have some 600 children registered and things are starting to accelerate. I have drafted the first 5 modules of the syllabus too:                                                                               1) Costing & Pricing
2) Marketing & Sales – Incl need identification, market research, 4P’s
3) Operational management – incl production, product optimisation, etc
4) Basic financial management – incl record keeping, capital investment, returns & profitability, depreciation
5) Online marketing & sales – get out of the sun, wind and rain!
All suitable for children from about 6 or 7 up to adults. Younger kids are welcome too although they won’t get quite as much out. Workshops are structured around a fun activity to keep it interesting and largely related to actual traders to keep it practical and real.
Workshops are free to traders.
I’d dearly love to find some sponsorship so I can take a bit of time to refine, publish and write more.
Next workshops will be in the June/July holidays, I’ll try fit 3 in. Any group of 5 or more may initiate a workshop in the mean time.

On a personal note, many thanks to Rotary who gave me a Vocational Award last week. It was most humbling to be nominated in the company of some very prestigious institutions who have achieved amazing things for many years already. It feels like this project is taking off and I need to find more time for it. If anyone is able to assist with fundraising or sponsorship I am not good at that and would appreciate any help. We also really need volunteers to help at events and with the outreach children for mentorship and “making days”.

I would also love to have some children that will be our “young reporters” and “young photographers” for this project. We have great online reach and it could be an excellent platform for them to showcase their talents.

For more photos and details of our events please follow us on Facebook which has more regular posts and feel free to contact me directly on 0833840590 or linda@livelightly.co.za

Thanks for your support and see you at the market!



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