9 September Pocket Money Market & next dates open for bookings

Hi everyone
So we have had to shift the planned market at LongbeachMall from 26 Aug to 9 September.
Buskers please book here: https://pocketmoneymarket.com/buskerbookings/

Traders book here: https://pocketmoneymarket.com/market-stall-bookings-for-kids/

Current dates open for bookings are:                                                                                                 9 September 2017 – Longbeach Mall
21 October 2017 Longbeach Mall
11 November 2017 Longbeach Mall
16 September True Grit Farmer’s Market Somerset West
14 October True Grit Farmers Market Somerset West

Please fill in the booking form to apply for a stall. Duplication of goods will be avoided so you will be contacted to let you know if your line up is available and we are very much in demand so places are not always available. I try my best to fit you all in but venues limit spaces and also I can’t manage too many kids at one time. Please note baked goods are often over subscribed.

Traders: Please reply to the trader mail to confirm your attendance. (There are a few maybes here)

I also need a 100% confirmation of the goods you are planning to trade please. I need to do 2 things:

1) More pre market ads and try and get some orders so feel free to offer a package deal or special offer fro pre orders

2) Limit duplications. If you arrive with goods not listed and they are duplications you will not be permitted to sell them unless the original trader has sold out. If you want to add things please confirm with me ahead of time to avoid disappointed kiddies.

The Soap Cellar
Emily’s Sweet & Savoury
Sweet Tooth Brothers
Creative Trading
Alice’s Wonder Slime
Face Art
Sweetastic Creations
Khaya’s Emporium
Anyone for Seconds
Hannah’s Take & Campbell’s Chili Factory
M&H everythin’ store
Oh fudge
Something simple
Kat’s Crafts
Cacti Crazy
Robert’s Plants
Maxi’s Must have’s
Gabriel’s and Helenas Stuff
Pout lip Balm
BEAUTY, Arts & Crafts & Healthy Treats
King’s Crazy Kingdom
Oni’s Organics

I know some of you were unsure and I have new traders waiting for openings, especially in the biscuits and slime type stuff. I have turned them away at this stage so your timeous confirmation will be appreciated. Similarly I know stuff happens but last minute cancellations are becoming a factor and I am not sure how to manage them. Anyone have a suggestion?

If you need support wrt transport please let me know by this Wed 16 Aug and I will do my best to arrange transport or a stipend towards costs, but I need time to prepare.

I’ll start on Somerset West bookings towards the end of next week.

Once I have the bookings and products confirmed I’ll do the mail with the rest of the stuff, PLEASE READ IT WITH THE KIDS, it is clear to me only half the traders are aware. Please also remember to keep your plastic free pledges as its couterproductive to reprint each time.

Please may I have ads by Sunday 20 August IN JPEG FORMAT if you are updating, otherwise I will use your old ones.

A behind the scenes note: I pull everything from the spreadsheet when you book so please take care with the way you fill it out, goods description, names for certificates, etc. One booking is one table. I’m going to be passing much of this on to Monique and hopefully new volunteers and it goes directly into ads. I’m trying for paid advertising and I need it to be “proper”.

Please mail linda@livelightly.co.za if you need more info or rather call 0833840590 after hours for a chat. Please do not use Facebook as a contact method, I do not always check it. Volunteers and sponsors are needed, please join the project! Also please note this is an after hours project so communications may not be immediate, but I’m happy to take calls in the evenings. All input is always most welcome, this is a collective, lets all #bethechange #everyoneiswelcome

Thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support and much love to all the amazing kids.


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