12 July Workshop and 14 July Market

Apologies for lack of posts and I still need to do the Youth Day report…its coming!

Meantime we have a workshop on 12 July and market on 14 July:

Holiday Workshop this Thurdsay is with Ukhanyo. the light:
YEPMM Workshop for “Ukhanyo the light” 12 July 2018
Time: 10:30-12:30
50 Children Ages: 8-16years
Venue: White House community Hall.
Address: B559 Mbolwa Crescent.
Contact: Donald: 0847758384
Subject: Me and my world: How we care for each other.
Aim: To give basic environmental awareness and understanding with an emphasis on the difference each individual can make.
Facilitators: Linda Wilson, Candice Mostert, Karen Grey Kilfoil
10:30 Short Video Intro
10:40 Interactive slot – Questions to see what the kids know and examples.
Can they identify any ecosystems? (Eg Forest, pond, rockpool, ocean, desert, savannah, river, cave, etc)
11:00 Game: Web of life – in 3 groups
11:30 Human Impact. Brief intro then interactive:
What is pollution? (Air, land, water types)
Why is it important?
Where does it come from?
How does it impact on us?
Why we have to work together all over the world.
11:45: Talk: 15 min on WATER and AIR, why pollution can potentially lead to us running out of clean water and air. Let the kids give their ideas of how the world might be.
12:00 Analysis of cost and benefit of plastics – Draw on the board
6 R’s with practical activity to make an upcycled musical instrument.
Games and songs.
Ongoing: Eco Bricking
With many thanks to Waste-ED for their assistance.sdr

Then on 14 July we trade at Rondebosch Park Market.

10 – 12:30 with Entrepreneur of the Day at 12:30.

Come and join us in the park: Corner of Sandown and Campground Roads, Rondebosch.

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