Bookings are open for 2019 Trading & Busking

PMM Has reopened for 2019 and the trading and busking dates are:
Longbeach Mall:
23 February
23 March
27 April
25 May
29 June
27 July
31 August
28 September
26 October
30 November
Rondebosch Park
9 March
13 April
11 May
8 June
13 July
10 Aug
14 Sept
12 Oct
9 Nov
18 Dec: Twilight Market
21 Dec
Youth Day 16 June -TBC
Cape Town Int Kite Fest in October
More will be added as we go and there is a three day Dragons Den workshop in the March holidays too.
Market bookings are open here:
Please mail if you wish to arrange another venue or volunteer to assist. PMM is an NPO, no mandatory fees apply #everyoneiswelcome EARN, LEARN & HAVE FUN. Certificates for all children completing their advert, accounting and POS requirements. We are strictly single use #PlasticFree.
Many thanks to Longbeach Mall and Rondebosch Park Market for hosting us again in 2019.

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