Awards Report & Winter Trading Schedule

Hi everyone and welcome to the new traders!

First up here is the trader list for Sat 14 April at Rondebosch Park Market:

Made by Teens

Robert’s Plants

Oh Fudge!

Erin’s Pet Emporium

Mega Silly Slime

Yummy Amelie

Glitter & Gold

Alley Cats Crafts & Gifts

Plants n Stuff

King’s Krazy Korner


Miguel – Little Chef are you joining?

Krafty Kiz are you joining?

Then we have 2 more applications for pet products: Woof Woof Meou and Cameron’s Doggy Love. We have 4 pet product traders at PMM and Erin was first to book. I am concerned about duplication and sales numbers. Perhaps we should start a little group and work out a system? Please drop me a direct message so we can work it out, if you are happy to trade together thats fine, but we must all agree, otherwise I take the time stamp off the booking. I have not had this before so open to suggestions!

Time:  9-2 (We set up at 9 and trade 9:30 to 12 with option to trade on.)


Cnr Campground & Sandown Roads, Rondebosch, 7700 Cape Town, Western Cape

Tables can be supplied at R35 each, please let me know ASAP if you would like one or if you are bringing your own. Please bring chairs, cloth, sign etc. Umbrellas and Gazebos welcome. Vehicles may unload and then must be parked off site by 8:15am so you cannot have your car at the stall We are right near the road so I prefer if we do not broing cars on site if possible, its an easy unpack from the road. Plenty of free parking with security too. Some shade over traders but don’t depend on it! Outdoor venue and we trade in the wind, only rain will cancel so please check the forecast and decide if you are game.

 Please remember: NO SINGLE USE PLASTICS at any of our events and regular traders BRING YOUR PLEDGE.

Remember your change float.

I attach the accounting sheet and suggest you complete as much as possible at home before the market.

Completed sheets must be handed half an hour before the end please, if you need help please just ask during the market. This needs to be completed in order to gain a certificate.


When you arrive, please see me and book in BEFORE setting up.

All stalls must have a sign please.

A couple of rules: No playing on cell phones during trading please, they are best packed away for security anyway.

Please try not to eat at your stall, it looks unprofessional. I know the kids get peckish and a quick bite is fine but don’t make the stall a picnic area. No gum chewing while trading please.

While younger kids need adult help I think from about 10/11 years they should be fine without and I am around if they need help. For those needing help please can we keep it to just one adult at the stall, otherwise the event loses the kiddie vibe.

When you pack up please leave your area immaculate, if you have had messy activities please pick up any bits.

We are all ambassadors for the PMM and I am always proud that the kids are so much more professional than the pros!


These are totally voluntary, however it teaches a good lesson about overheads. As there is always a rush to pack up at the end please calculate your stall fees as follows: Work out your net profit on the accounting sheet by the end of trading. It really helps to use this sheet when you prep and keep it up to date while you trade. You are welcome to customize for your products. Fees are not compulsory but do teach the concept of overheads. The general idea is a maximum of R50 per stall but not more than 20% of net profit. This should motivate accurate costings;) If you are raising funds or require start up assistance no fees apply. Please calculate before the end of the market, ask if you need help and if needs be wait until after. The accounting is an important part of PMM, please do not gloss over it.

I would prefer fees to be paid electronically into the PMM back a buddy account: If you are happy to do this please write that on the accounting sheet too so I can reconcile. Use your stall name as a ref. You are more than welcome to pay ahead for those of you who know you do well…I can always hold credit if needs be.


Please send a Jpeg advert as soon as possible, at least three days before the event. I will be sending out links with the ads and it is compulsory to share them please.

Please feel free to call me on 0833840590 if you would like any help or have questions.

Lastly traders kindly confirm with a mail or message you have this mail and are 100% confirmed if you have not done so or let me know if your plans have changed. We are always wait listed these days so I’d rather let someone else have the space if you are unable to attend.


We are now entering exam term and winter tading so we will not be doing Thursdays at Cape Point Vineyards until spring. We continue with Longbeach Mall last Saturday of the month and Rondebosch on the second Saturday as well as a few guest events and 16 June at the V&A. Please keep an eye on the Facebook page and whatsapp group for pop up events too, here is the link to join the whatsapp group: and here is the booking link:  PLEASE NOTE: I have a lot of questions and see a lot of traders have not read the details on the booking form and website. It is really helpful if you can go through this with the kids, both regulars and new traders should please check this before markets as I do update from time to time and there is a lot of info there.

If you are in the Northern supburbs or wish to begin an event in your area anywhere, please feel free. I am unable to do mire myself, but I will 100% support and assist to get this up and running as well as holiday workshops etc.

AWARDS & WORKSHOP REPORT: (Photos:, Video to follow)

Young Entrepreneurs Pocket Money Market’s 3rd Annual Awards on 5 April was a festive event with over 80 attendees from all areas of Cape Town.

The day began with a mass signing of the #PlasticFree Pledge as sustainability is a strong part of our business ethic and waste and resource management are becoming ever more crucial elements of business the world over. PMM has a strong Waste2Wealth component too.


This was followed by the awards for outstanding achievements of the young traders and performers.

Awards are not based on income earned as this is its own reward, but on a variety of other criteria as follows:
Presentation and Display: Sweetatsic Creations: Kyra Semler (12) from Bergvliet

Innovation and Persistance: The Crafty Kidz: Kenneth (9) and Christopher (11) Ikin of Somerset West

Salesmanship was awarded to 2 great traders: King Mlotha (10) Kings Krazy Korner and Onias Gadziwa (12) Oni’s Organics (From Masiphumelele)

Accounting Excellence: The Soap Cellar: Rachel van de Vijver (9) From Kennilworth

Sustainablity and environmental innovation: Gabriel’s Mucky Stuff: Gabriel Arendse (10) Welcome Glen

Consistancy and helpfulness: Robert Palmer (12) of Roberts Plants from Fish Hoek

Good Spirit and gret attitude: SA Cool Trading Kids (A collective from Masiphumelele)

Busker of the Year: Milisa Ndebele (12) from Masiphumelele

Runner up entrepreneur of the year: Hanna Eyre (15) from Glencairn (The Facemaker and also a busker)

Overall Entrepreneurial Brilliance: BEAUTY ARTS & CRAFTS Trinity (10), Aurelie (11) and Benita (12) Morse of Welcome Glen



Winners received cash prizes and certificates with a small treat.


This was followed by an inspiring interactive talk by wealth coach and author Marnita Opperman who shared her wisdom so generously with the kids. Marnita has published a book called the Money Code and How to Crack It and is kindly donating R50 from each sale to the PMM – our first real funding ever in 4 years, we are super excited.
We had a little lunch party and massive thanks To Nick Kerr of Capones Pizza who donated 10 Pizzas and Roxanne Schmidt & Nisan Bloch for their Pizza donations too. The fantastic Candice Mostert of Waste Ed took the stage with some fun teambuilding games, a waste to wealth focus and eco bricking.

This was followed by Melanie Lippert the famous #storyninja and then a jam session with the buskers and the rest of the kids on percussion using the shakers we made from old bottle tops in a fun upcycle.
It was an EPIC day, many many thanks to Tinei of the Forward Fund Media Academy who took amazing photos for us as well as video footage. As always, Peak Academy kindly make their school facilities available which is perfect, we certainly used all the space today. Thank you so much to all the people who make this possible, Shazzi Gunst was a rock star, Matt Baker was setting up alongside Leigh Palmer early and the incredible and amazing Benson Arendse…what would we do without you. Thank you to Longbeach Mall, our anchor venue hosts, Rondebosch Park Market, The False Bay Business Network and all our amazing traders, buskers, parents, shoppers and encouragers for your support. SA has the highest inequality, highest unemployment and highest youth unemployment in the world…this is one way to #bethechange #everyoneiswelcome


People are asking for workshops all over the Cape and beyond. This is however a tiny self funding NPO that gets scraps of time and my car has broken down again so if anyone would like to possibly assist this project please check us out on or

The Pocket Money Market aims to contribute to inspiring a generation of children who are able to sustain themselves and their families independently in the long term while generating immediate income too. We EARN LEARN & HAVE FUN between 2 and 6 times a month with workshops every holidays. There are no mandatory fees, traders pay a token stall fee on a voluntary basis as part of the concept of overheads. They keep accounting records, create adverts and trading is supervised and mentored on an ongoing basis. Start up assistance is available and outreach traders get ongoing logistical support. For more information email


Lastly we have an invitation that I am unable to take up as I am just too busy, but please feel free if you wish to trade independently:

Hello Linda

I was wondering if you would like to hold a Pocket Money Market on Saturday 5 May at The Baseball Club in Fish Hoek. We are having our end of season game day and I thought it would be a great platform for the kids to come down and sell their goodies. Please let me know if you would like to organise a market for the day (10am-2pm?)

Further details can be discussed if you are interested?

Thank you so much

Ruth Owens

Secretary – Fish Hoek Dolphins Baseball Club  Ruth Owens <>

Thanks as always for all your support. I am alwyas looking for volunteers to assist with the social media, photos, PR, admin, outreach, events, fundraising and so forth if anyone is keen.

See you at the market!



2018 Events and stats from 2017

Hi everyone and all the best for the year. It is going to be a very busy one for us filled with great things. Bookings are open for around 30 markets already and there are 2 workshop days on 3 Feb and 5 April which will include awards too.

Plans this year are to grow the sustainability side as we start building our own Precious Plastics recycling machines. This will allow any members to collect plastic and use it to produce materials for products, initially we will start with beads as I feel the artisanal content is where we can add real value. Any interested folks are most welcome to participate, we need techies, co-ordinators, sponsors and admins for this project which is aimed at growing the profits for our outreach traders as well as reducing pollution. This is a natural progression from the Plastic Free Pledge which we introduced last June banning single use plastics from our markets.

We also have great plans to grow the performing arts side as it is the way we can reach the most outreach candidates effectively. All performing arts are welcome, age limits are flexible as if there are groups with mixed ages they are welcome. Solo artists up to around 20 years old, all those older than 16 are asked to help out a little behind the scenes. Any teachers or music professionals are invited to join us, we plan a big concert for 16 June and again in Dec at Cape Town’s best venues as well as busking opportunities at all our regular events. Please register here.

I know there are many people asking for events in the Northern Suburbs and Table View areas as well as Strand, Overberg, Boland etc and then PE, Joburg and Durban. Unfortunately I work full time and so until there is some funding I can only really manage central and southern Cape Town areas, however I am more than happy to support anyone willing to arrange events elsewhere and come and do workshops etc.

At this stage we trade every Thursday at Cape Point Vineyards from 4:30 to sunset, second Saturday of every month at Rondebosch Park Market and the last Saturday of every month at Longbeach Mall which is 6 markets a month! Then we also have special events and festivals as well as our flagship Youth Day event at the V&A. Here are the first lot of weekend dates, the times, venues and more about Thursday markets are on the booking page.                                                                                                                                          Jan – 27                                                                                                                                                    Feb: 10 & 17
Mar – 10 & 31 Easter Market (holidays)
Apr – 14 & 28 (long weekend)                                                                                                              May – 12 & 26
Jun – 9, 16 & 30 (holidays)

All traders have to create a pre market advert, complete a detailed accounting sheet with costings and returns and adhere to a number of POS requirements in order to gain their certificate and at each market there is an “Entrepreneur of the Day”.

WANTED: I need volunteers for 2018 please, for buskers management, outreach assistance, youth day flagship event, admin, PR, social media and fundraising. If you have any time to spare we have a need for both online and practical assistance.

LOOKING BACK: In 2017 we had 42 markets of which 15 were full “stand alone” events and 26 were “guest events”, 10 had our young buskers performing and of those 5 were fully “wired for sound”. Also 10 free workshops and 10 speaking engagements plus 3 TV shows and many radio shows. My admin is never up to date but I estimate about 350 kids have participated, maybe 400 including all the performers. Earnings vary dramatically with some kids consistently netting over R1000 per event and others not making R100 but on average its around R350 net profit per stall. This translates into about R110 000 net profit for the kids in the year, sadly about half of the net profit in 2015 and about 25% down on 2016 despite amazing improvements in goods, venues and skills. This is a reflection of the tough economic reality we face, many of the adult traders are experiencing even greater reductions. The only real solution is to raise funds for paid advertising or brand events, get volunteers for PR help and spread the message as far and wide as possible. I tried to communicate the benefits of shopping with us in an article at Christmas, and I believe it applies 24/7, 365.

There is so much potential for growth and improvement but time is limited and funding is hard to find. I have covered expenses in excess of R100K to date and had donations of about R15000 in total since the beginning, mainly paid directly to table hire or for transport. If you would like to assist on any way please check out our back a buddy page and donate or become a champion. I am more than happy to brand events and we have great support from the media.

Thanks for your support, all contact info is below.

See you at the market!

Lin x

Contact Linda: 0833840590
First timers please see the page and you are welcome to call for advice.