16, 20 & 21 Dec events plus awards and free workshop

Hi everyone and welcome to the new traders!

We are pretty much full for 16 and 20 Dec in Rondebosch but let me know if you wish to join and I’ll try make a plan. We also trade every Thursday( except 21 Dec at Carols) Cape point Vineyards. Please drop me a line if you are able to bring a table. I’ll waive the stall fee – we have people wishing to join but no more tables available.
Please see each event detailed below:
Thursdays at Cape point Vineyards: Dec 2017: 21, 28. Jan 2018 4, 11,18, 25Bookings on the Monday for the Thurs via Whatsapp (Join the CPV group by sending a request to 0833840590). Trade from 4:30 to sunset. Outdoors, sun, wind etc so please check the forecast when booking and be prepared. 5 Tables available so we share if needs be, up to 10 traders. Tables must be confirmed by 9am on Tuesdays. Mainly tourists so Made in Noordhoek/Cape Town lables are a good idea. Kids activities are also great so long as you can manage in the wind.
Thurs 21 Dec: Oni & King, Khaya, Beauty, Glitter & Skins, Frantastic, Michaela – Face PaintSweet Tooth Brothers, Cook & Craft
Rondebosch Venue:Map: https://external.fcpt1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/map_tile.php?v=29&osm_provider=2&x=18065&y=19674&z=15&language=en_GB Cnr Campground & Sandown Roads, Rondebosch, 7700 Cape Town, Western Cape
Tables supplied, please bring chairs, cloth, sign etc. Umbrellas and Gazebos welcome. Vehicles may unload on site BEFORE 8:45 and then must be parked off site so you cannot have your car at the stall. You can only bring vehicles in much later so I think its easier to unload from the road, we are near the corner of Sandown and Campground roads, its about 20m to carry and you can unload on the pavement quite easily. Some shade but don’t depend on it! Gazebos and brollys are welcome. Outdoor venue and we trade in the wind, only rain will cancel so please check the forecast and decide if you are game. Saturday looks breezy but Rondebosch is not as bad as some parts of Cape Town! However plan a fairly robust display;)
Sat 16 Dec Rondebosch Park Trade from 9:30-1, option to stay on to 2.
Khaya’s Emporium
Sweet Tooth Brothers
Glitter & Skinz
Made by Teens
Gabriels Mucky stuffs
Cook & CraftKing
Made it Pretty
Plants n Stuff
Sweet Treats
Soap Cellar
SHAAW – Second Hand All Around the World
Set up from 9am. Adverts all in, thank you!  https://www.facebook.com/1591673784381762/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1967015790180891It is mandatory for everyone to share them please.
Wed 20 Dec Rondebosch Park Main market is 3-8pm.  We can trade from 4-6:30 so its not too long and BUSKING SLOTS AVAILABLE. Set Up from 2. I’d like us all there as close to 3 as possible but its a long day for younger ones. If you can only come later let me know and I’ll set up a bit for you.https://www.facebook.com/events/337468226719332/?notif_t=event_calendar_create&notif_id=1512205363193065
Khaya’s Emporium
Sweet Tooth Brothers
Glitter & Skinz
Gabriels Mucky stuffs
Cook & Craft
King & Oni
SHAAW – Second Hand All Around the World
Made it Pretty
Alley Cats
Plants n Stuff
Sweet Treats
Rainbow Unicorns / CTC
The Soap Cellar
Parents wishing to trade at Rondebosch we are short of tables. I am working on it. Let me know if you have a table. I have Marianne, Ben and Marrihett and Anjo looking for tables. And myself.
Please remember: NO SINGLE USE PLASTICS at any of our events and regular traders BRING YOUR PLEDGE.

Tables are provided for all the kids stalls but you may like to bring a chair. Please bring a cloth.Remember your change float.I attach the accounting sheet and suggest you complete as much as possible at home before the market.Completed sheets must be handed half an hour before the end please, if you need help please just ask during the market. This needs to be completed in order to gain a certificate. 
When you arrive, please see me and book in BEFORE setting up.All stalls must have a sign please.
A couple of rules:
No playing on cell phones during trading please, they are best packed away for security anyway.
Please try not to eat at your stall, it looks unprofessional. I know the kids get peckish and a quick bite is fine but don’t make the stall a picnic area.
No gum chewing while trading please.
While younger kids need adult help I think from about 10/11 years they should be fine without and I am around if they need help. For those needing help please can we keep it to just one adult at the stall, otherwise the event loses the kiddie vibe. 
When you pack up please leave your area immaculate, if you have had messy activities please pick up any bits. 
We are all ambassadors for the PMM and I am always proud that the kids are so much more professional than the pros!
STALL FEES:These are totally voluntary, however it teaches a good lesson about overheads. As there is always a rush to pack up at the end please calculate your stall fees as follows: Work out your net profit on the accounting sheet by the end of trading. It really helps to use this sheet when you prep and keep it up to date while you trade. You are welcome to customize for your products. Fees are not compulsory but do teach the concept of overheads. The general idea is a maximum of R50 per stall but not more than 20% of net profit. This should motivate accurate costings;) If you are raising funds or require start up assistance no fees apply. Please calculate before the end of the market, ask if you need help and if needs be wait until after. The accounting is an important part of PMM, please do not gloss over it.I would prefer fees to be paid electronically into the PMM back a buddy account: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/give-the-pocket-money-market-wings-to-fly If you are happy to do this please write that on the accounting sheet too so I can reconcile. Use your stall name as a ref. You are more than welcome to pay ahead for those of you who know you do well…I can always hold credit if needs be.
Please send a Jpeg advert as soon as possible, at least three days before the event. I will be sending out links with the ads and it is compulsory to share them please. Please feel free to call me on 0833840590 if you would like any help or have questions. 
As always thanks for your support. New traders feel free to shout for help. I think everyone is in the whatsapp group but if not message me on 0833840590.
We have some money coming in Jan for our annual awards and a party! I am planning last week of the holidays. There will be a short workshop section, followed by awards and an activity….if we find a suitable venue it will be tie dye. I’m looking at 10 or 11 Jan, 10am to 2pm. All welcome, past and present traders. Non traders may join but will be asked to contribute to costs. Venue suggestions welcome, I have a venue in the far south but perhaps we need more central. If you are keen drop me a line.
Full lists of stalls along with the fabulous adverts the kids have made are on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PocketMoneyMarketSA
We have also had a great little story this week: One of our regular traders is teenager names Khaya and he is a competition skater. He has been saving for a new board and made his target during trading on Saturday. He went directly from the market to Billabong with his cash still in his market tin. The manager queried where he got the money and when Khaya explained he was trading at the Pocket Money Market she was amazing and gave him a huge discount. He was over the moon!

I am so so proud of these creative and dedicated youngsters, they are more professional than many adult traders and keep impeccable accounting records. They are a delight to work with and customers get awesome products at great prices while they are doing something real to fight unemployment in SA.
All traders also sign a Plastic Free Pledge and we permit no single use plastics.
This is an NPO, everyone is welcome, start up assistance is available and there are no mandatory fees.
See you at the market!

#YoungEntrepreneurs at the Kite Fest 28 Oct

Hi all
Apologies for the lack of posts…whe have been trading twice a week so all systems go.
Sat 28 is a bit special as we joing the Cape Town Innternational Kite Festival:
C’mon in out of the wind to the #youngentrepreneurs tent at the Kite Festival in Muizenberg for awesome life music and fun activities as well ase a fab line up of goodies on offer. Please come and support our creative kids as they EARN, LEARN & HAVE FUN! They all sign the #PLASTICFREE PLEDGE too so you get great shopping at awesome prices and help the environment while helping these youngsters become financially independent. #BeTheChange #Everyoneiswelcome 9:30-12:30
Sat 28 October at Cape Town International Kite Festival
Awesome live music from our 10 amazing young buskers from 10-11 or catch them from 1-1:30 on the main stage too.
And the trader list is a treat- please take a brows through the lovely adverts the kids have made.
Sine’s Kite Colour: Coloring contest
Sweet Tooth Brothers: Christmas decorations, gift packs of biscuits and wrapped Christamas Fruit Cakes
Khaya’ Emporium: Twiggit Candle Holders, Message in a peg, Ear-phone holders, Macrame lanterns, Upcycled bowls from Vinyl records, Stone light candles
Oh Fudge: Best Fudge in town
Something Simple: peg bags, bookmarks, fridge magnets, knitted bags
Soap Cellar: natural soap, giant bubbles, lip balm, natural liquid soaps and pet shampoo.
Lucky Charms: homemade clay charms which I will make different themes for them such as animals, food ,cartoon characters, etc. I may also sell necklace and bracelet chains.
Star Bolt: Various games for kids like marbles, tennis ball throw down cans, brainteasers in 3,2,1 minutes, wet sponge throw, darts etc all for various prizes
Helena’s Yummy Stuffs Cookie decorating
Gabriels Mucky Stuffs TBA (Game with King) Plants, worm tea, coffee cup planters, mini worm farms, bird treats, wick planters, sunflower sprouts
Made it Pretty: Pretty stationery supplies / hand crafted cards / noughts & crosses stone game
Fantastic creations: Beaded bracelets, personalised beaded necklaces and bracelets. Straw Rocket Contest at 12:00
Cook & Craft: Katvis cantnip toys, Good Dog Biscuits, Fantastic firelighters (eco lites) Magic Carpet Cleaner, Dip if You Dare game
Face Maker: Face Painting
Oni’s Organics: Fresh Veg, healthy habits charts and health muffins for lunchboxes. Fresh mint.
Fantastic: Covered books, plants, soft toys.

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See you at the market. Lx

PS We are an NPO, there are mandatory fees, start up assistance available, #everyoneiswelcome

Sat 23 September Young Performers

The show must go on! We have young performers from Masi and Ocean View joining us today…just plotting the logistics…but please come and support these awesome youngsters as we get our Heritage Groove On!
From 12pm at the Cape Farmhouse
Young performers have the stage from 12 to 2, followed by dancing!
Impromptu performers welcome.

There have been road closures around Ocean View this week and this may affect some people joining us today. There are two routes to the Farmouse and we are going to go ahead with the Fun Day so please come along and get your Heritage Day Groove on!

At the moment all roads are open but if the protests continue the lighthouse road from Kommetjie through Scarborough will be open so anyone coming from those areas is all good. If you are coming from Simon’s Town, Glen Cain, or Cape Town then best to come over the Simon’s Town mountain into Redhill at the back which will also be open.
Carry on and Dance!

I’ll be there from 10 to set up, and Benson will do another round of lifting at 11. We kick off at 2 for a lekker afternoon! Bring granny and grandpa and even the dogs for a lekker arvie and #bethechange!



Heritage Weekend event & new bookings open

We have a fab fun event on Sat 23 Set at the amazing Cape Farmhouse! Thanks so much to Zoe and Vusa Mazula for hosting us!

Dates open for bookings:

23 Sept Fun day at Cape Farmhouse

21 October 2017 Longbeach Mall Saturday 10:30-1
28 October 2017 Cape Town Kite Festival (Muizenberg) 10:00 – 12:00
11 November 2017 Longbeach Mall 10:30-1
14 October True Grit Farmers Market Somerset West 11-1


NB BUSKERS PLEASE SEE THE BUSKING BOOKING LINK: https://pocketmoneymarket.wordpress.com/buskerbookings/

Holidays are coming soon and I will be offering the following modules:

1) Costing & Pricing
2) Marketing & Sales – Incl need identification, market research, 4P’s
3) Operational management – incl production, product optimisation, etc
4) Basic financial management – incl record keeping, capital investment, returns & profitability, depreciation
5) Online marketing & sales – get out of the sun, wind and rain!
All suitable for children from about 6 or 7 up to adults. Younger kids are welcome too although they won’t get quite as much out. Workshops are structured around a fun activity to keep it interesting and largely related to actual traders to keep it practical and real. There is no charge for traders.

Its a short holiday so I’m looking at 3 and 4 Oct only.

Please visit our FACEBOOK page for photos, videos and more regular updates and give our creative traders a like and share!


Please support us by getting involved HERE!


9 September Pocket Money Market & next dates open for bookings

Hi everyone
So we have had to shift the planned market at LongbeachMall from 26 Aug to 9 September.
Buskers please book here: https://pocketmoneymarket.com/buskerbookings/

Traders book here: https://pocketmoneymarket.com/market-stall-bookings-for-kids/

Current dates open for bookings are:                                                                                                 9 September 2017 – Longbeach Mall
21 October 2017 Longbeach Mall
11 November 2017 Longbeach Mall
16 September True Grit Farmer’s Market Somerset West
14 October True Grit Farmers Market Somerset West

Please fill in the booking form to apply for a stall. Duplication of goods will be avoided so you will be contacted to let you know if your line up is available and we are very much in demand so places are not always available. I try my best to fit you all in but venues limit spaces and also I can’t manage too many kids at one time. Please note baked goods are often over subscribed.

Traders: Please reply to the trader mail to confirm your attendance. (There are a few maybes here)

I also need a 100% confirmation of the goods you are planning to trade please. I need to do 2 things:

1) More pre market ads and try and get some orders so feel free to offer a package deal or special offer fro pre orders

2) Limit duplications. If you arrive with goods not listed and they are duplications you will not be permitted to sell them unless the original trader has sold out. If you want to add things please confirm with me ahead of time to avoid disappointed kiddies.

The Soap Cellar
Emily’s Sweet & Savoury
Sweet Tooth Brothers
Creative Trading
Alice’s Wonder Slime
Face Art
Sweetastic Creations
Khaya’s Emporium
Anyone for Seconds
Hannah’s Take & Campbell’s Chili Factory
M&H everythin’ store
Oh fudge
Something simple
Kat’s Crafts
Cacti Crazy
Robert’s Plants
Maxi’s Must have’s
Gabriel’s and Helenas Stuff
Pout lip Balm
BEAUTY, Arts & Crafts & Healthy Treats
King’s Crazy Kingdom
Oni’s Organics

I know some of you were unsure and I have new traders waiting for openings, especially in the biscuits and slime type stuff. I have turned them away at this stage so your timeous confirmation will be appreciated. Similarly I know stuff happens but last minute cancellations are becoming a factor and I am not sure how to manage them. Anyone have a suggestion?

If you need support wrt transport please let me know by this Wed 16 Aug and I will do my best to arrange transport or a stipend towards costs, but I need time to prepare.

I’ll start on Somerset West bookings towards the end of next week.

Once I have the bookings and products confirmed I’ll do the mail with the rest of the stuff, PLEASE READ IT WITH THE KIDS, it is clear to me only half the traders are aware. Please also remember to keep your plastic free pledges as its couterproductive to reprint each time.

Please may I have ads by Sunday 20 August IN JPEG FORMAT if you are updating, otherwise I will use your old ones.

A behind the scenes note: I pull everything from the spreadsheet when you book so please take care with the way you fill it out, goods description, names for certificates, etc. One booking is one table. I’m going to be passing much of this on to Monique and hopefully new volunteers and it goes directly into ads. I’m trying for paid advertising and I need it to be “proper”.

Please mail linda@livelightly.co.za if you need more info or rather call 0833840590 after hours for a chat. Please do not use Facebook as a contact method, I do not always check it. Volunteers and sponsors are needed, please join the project! Also please note this is an after hours project so communications may not be immediate, but I’m happy to take calls in the evenings. All input is always most welcome, this is a collective, lets all #bethechange #everyoneiswelcome

Thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support and much love to all the amazing kids.


Woman’s Day Market at the V&A

Come and enjoy an amazing line up of entertainment, activities, delicious food and creative crafts on Woman’s Day at the V&A from our inspiring young entrepreneurs.

We are most grateful to ALL PHASE ELECTRICAL for sponsoring the costs of this event. We could not have done it without you – thank you for living the #bethechange philosophy!


We have 40 entrepreneurs under 16 years old trading at 25 stunning stalls as well as 10 talented young performers who will be busking.  Our creative kids have all pledged not to use any single use plastics and everyone is welcome to join us in taking the #PlasticFreePledge as part of our sustainable development initiative.

Plastic Free Pledge traderswd3

Date: Wed 9 August

Time: 11:30am – 2pm with the Emtrepreneur of the Day award at 2pm

Venue: Upstairs at the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront

Full Trader List:

1 Khaya’s Emporium Twiggit rustic candles, Message in a peg, Stone lights, Macrame lanterns and plant holders, tangle free earphone holders
2 Alice’s Wonder Slime Play Slime in various forms and DIY kits
2 The Soap Cellar Natural soap, lip balm, giant bubble kits.
4 Made By Teens Cape Town Key Holders , Message on a Bottle
5 Emily’s Sweet & Savoury Cheese grillers, creamed spinach pop tarts, butternut & feta pop tarts & donuts
6 Sweet Tooth Brothers Biscuits, waffle rolls, cakes.
7 YouButterflyMeVintage Vintage clothing
8 Rock Ink Painted rocks & Lemonade
9 Made It Pretty by Peyton Pretty handcrafted stationery, cards and gifts.
10 Sweetastic Creations  Make your own name necklace and  beautifully decorated flower cookies on a stick
11 Hannah’s Take & Campbell’s Chili Factory Cards, suncatchers, jewellery and chilli paste
12 Oh fudge Fudge
13 Fantastic Mint Plants, Furtastic Books, DIY washytape pencils and pencil jars, savoury muffins
14 LivMaw Activity for children to create collages, all materials supplied including tables for children to sit at. A variety of outlines on card will be provided to help with ideas / Beautiful, Completed Artwork collages for sale
15 Gabe’s Good Goodies Chocolates (mainly truffles)
16 Just Girls toys
17 Sticky Bubblegum Room decor, handmade gifts and other funky must have items.
18 BEAUTY Second hand ceramics potted with beautiful arrangements of succulents and top dressed with gemstones. drawings, dry flower and sticker pics in A5 glass frames everything done by the traders themselves
19 Oni’s Organics Health muffins, Healthy habits charts, lemons
20 SA Cool Trading Kids Veg, dog biscuits, beanies, books & dvd’s, games
21 Cook & Craft Peanut brittle, Katvis catnip toys, Urchin Jellyfish, Dip if you dare game, Eco Fire Lighters, Magic Carpet Cleaner
22 Gabriels Mucky Stuffs Seedlings, wick planters, worm tea, free range eggs
23 Helena’s Yummy Treats Biscuits and chocolate blocks
24 King’s Corner Droe Wors, activity game.
25 Cezanne Lip Balm, Stress Balls

Please pop over to out Facebook Page to browse the adverts each trader has sent in as part of the requirement to gain a certificate: https://www.facebook.com/PocketMoneyMarketSA/photos/a.1913301828885621.1073741877.1591673784381762/1913305025551968/?type=3&theater

And also browse the video ads in the Facebook video library, here is sweet example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMaAv2DkLRQ


As it is Woman’s Day, we are joined by two adult traders who are part if the Forward Fund WIN WOMAN program and they will be selling wonderful leather jackets and beadwork, as well as offering mentorship to the youngsters. ff logo

Pop over the the V&A website for more detail here:  http://www.waterfront.co.za/events/Kids/2017-young-entrepreneurs-pocket-money-market 

And take a listen to one of the radio features here: https://omny.fm/shows/early-breakfast-with-abongile-nzelenzele/woman-s-day-market-at-the-v-a-pocket-money-market

We are privileged to have the fabulous Zoe Mazula of Horizon’s Tale, Mazula and The Farmhouse Rocks to guide our young performers and add her special magic to the day. A real feast of music including classical, blues, rock and jazz is guaranteed to entertain.




Zoë Mazula has been a performer all her life. It started with dancing and acting and continued on to singing and song writing. Zoe studied at Redroofs Theatre School and The Academy in London England. Next to the creative arts, Zoë’s biggest passion is education and she later worked extensively with The Big Foot Theatre Company and Makebelieve Arts in London borough schools to empower teachers to bring creative storytelling and acting techniques into mainstream classrooms as an effecting teaching tool. Zoë has not only experienced the pleasure of the arts first hand through professional working in adverts, theatre and film but she has witness the power of acting with drama therapy and the healing and learning that comes from drama techniques and play. Zoë has continued her creative teaching under the name ‘I Create Me’ and runs after school clubs, teaching workshops and holiday programmes.

Zoë immigrated with her husband Vusa to South Africa in 2004 to open one of Cape Town’s most loved music venues, Zula Sound Bar on Long Street. Zula gave a platform for nine years to the best up and coming and established original music acts of South Africa. For the past two years Vusa and Zoë have gone back to their original love of music and write and perform their songs under the name Mazula with their first album being released this year. They can be seen singing in their function duo called Horizon’s Tale at many different hotels, restaurants and private functions around the mother city and South Africa. You can follow their music on Facebook under the name Mazula and Horizon’s Tale and you can email zoemazula@gmail.com for more info on the I Create Me programmes.

Please remember we are always looking for young photographers and young reporters to cover our events for the press. Get in touch if you would like to join on Woman’s Day, its great fun and young people up to 21 are welcome. Most of the pics used here are from Deep South Photography and regular traders, you are welcome to watermark your pics!

The Pocket Money Market is growing fast and we are looking for interns, volunteers, mentors and sponsors to help take us nation wide and beyond. We run Markets 2 to 6 times a month where kids EARN, LEARN & HAVE FUN as well as free workshops covering 5 modules every school holiday.



For more information please email linda@livelightly.co.za




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July Aug update & bookings open to Nov

Hello everyone,

Great news is I have a new computer coming in the next few weeks so coms will improve soon! This is being donated by http://www.terramanzi.co.za/ which is amazing! This one is on its last legs and very tedious to work on so I am thrilled.

Secondly I have potential sponsorship lined up but it is dependent on getting a BEE partner so if anyone has a great young person who you think would be keen please connect us.

We are super grateful to ALL PHASE ELECTRICAL who are covering the costs for Woman’s day at the V&A. They are paying for table hire, transport and lunch money for the outreach kids – massive thanks to them.

And massive thanks as always to Tina and the crew at FORWARD FUND for their ongoing support and advice. The have included me in their WIN WOMAN profile which is fantastic.

I have loaded the new dates onto the booking form so you can book the next few events: https://goo.gl/forms/CCtRPlnrRrJvmsSU2 There are dates open to November. I am looking at Century City for Heritage Day but open to any ideas. We hope to be back at the V&A in December again and we have requests for Imhoff so I will try for the Xmas fair there too as well as the Noordhoek Farm Village. Please keep the suggestions coming. Early next year we will also have a permanent shop and an online store.

The busker booking form is here: https://pocketmoneymarket.wordpress.com/buskerbookings/ and Benson is the coordinator there.

Please note there is a whatsapp group for traders and a different one for buskers, please ask if you wish to be added as it is the main communication method.

For this Saturday 29 July:

Venue: Fish Hoek Sposrtsfields (Click for gmap – the icon is Fish Hoek Squash Club)
Time: We will trade from 10:30 to 1 with the option to stay on till as late as 3pm if you like. Set up is from 9am, please be there by 10am at the latest.
Trader list:

Sweet Tooth Brothers

Emily’s Sweet & Savoury

The Soap Cellar


Oni’s Organics

SA Cool Trading Kids

Cook & Craft 

Alice’s Wonder Slime

Creative Trading

Rock Ink

YouButterflyMeVintage (no table required)

Sweetastic Creations

Khaya’s Emporium

Funky Frootfreeze Slushies

Oh Fudge

Something Simple


Please remember NO SINGLE USE PLASTICS, I have loads of jars if anyone needs and shoe shops always have boxes if you need.

Remember your change float.

I attach the accounting sheet and suggest you complete as much as possible at home before the market.

Completed sheets must be handed in at 12:45 please, if you need help please just ask during the market.

 When you arrive, please see me and book in BEFORE setting up.

All stalls must have a sign please.

A couple of rules: No playing on cell phones during trading please, they are best packed away for security anyway.

Please try not to eat at your stall, it looks unprofessional. I know the kids get peckish and a quick bite is fine but don’t make the stall a picnic area. No gum chewing while trading please.

While younger kids need adult help I think from about 10/11 years they should be fine without and I am around if they need help. For those needing help please can we keep it to just one adult at the stall, otherwise the event loses the kiddie vibe. 

When you pack up please leave your area immaculate, if you have had messy activities please pick up any bits. 

We are all ambassadors for the PMM and I am always proud that the kids are so much more professional than the pros!

Thanks to all who have shared the adverts already, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PocketMoneyMarketSA/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1909718869243917 Feel free to add extra pics or video in the comments and any more detail. 

Then for 9 August at the V&A the trader list is:

Sweet Tooth Brothers

Emily’s Sweet & Savoury

The Soap Cellar


Oni’s Organics

SA Cool Trading Kids

Cook & Craft 

Alice’s Wonder Slime

Rock Ink

YouButterflyMeVintage (no table required)

Sweetastic Creations

Khaya’s Emporium

Funky Frootfreeze Slushies

My Take by Hannah

Campbell’s Chili

Oh Fudge

Something Simple


Made by Teens

Sugar and Spice

Made it Pretty

Gabriels Muck Stuffs

Helena’s Yummy Treats


Gabe’s Good Goodies

Angels Cupcakes

Just Girls

We have 5 traders from Forward Fund joining us so we are full and bookings are now closed. Please let me know if you prefer to share a table as they are 2.1m long.

Jpeg adverts are due in by Sunday 27 August please and video adverts are optional, the V&A will flight them all too. I will send loading directions and more details next week, we are in the Watershed and have loading bay access until 11am and again after 2:30.

We have a wonderful lady to MC and play with the buskers for woman’s day – Zoe Mazula is a professional musician and experienced teacher. She also runs the Farmhouse Rocks.

Please remember PMM is a collective, everyone is more than welcome to jump in and all ideas are welcome. I’d love some help to create wonderful trader profiles to advertise each set of goods online, I have zero graphic design skill.

Thanks for all your patience and your ongoing support.


linda@livelightly.co.za / 0833840590