Youth Day 2017 Report



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This Youth Day the Pocket Money Market was lucky enough to be hosted by the V&A Waterfront in their amazing Watershed which is a spectacular venue and entrepreneurial hub.

We had 40 young entrepreneurs, 8 young buskers (See separate report below) and a team of 3 young photographers and reporters. Every single young person there was AMAZING, creative & inspiring and I am honoured to have had you there. This report will be a lot about thank you’s but the biggest THANK YOU must always be to the delightful youngsters who this is all about.

This was also the roll out of our Plastic Free Pledge and each trader pledged to use no single use plastics in their business and to engage with both suppliers and customers to do the same. Thank you so much to Fikile from Two Oceans Aquarium who came to explain the importance of this.

Plastic Free Pledge tradersPLastic world

The careful preparation for this event even though many kids also had exams was evident in the high quality of goods as well as the delightful still and video adverts sent in ahead of time (These can be viewed here) This was also the market at which the most care was taken with the accounting sheets and I am very impressed with overall improvements here, costings and record keeping are just so important. The displays were stunning and attention to detail with labels, environmentally friendly packaging, home-made business cards, signs and samples were all a feast for the senses.

I am so glad I was not a judge, what a tricky job that was! I am very grateful to all our amazing judges and I think for their own safety it is probably best not to list them here;) We had 7 completed judging sheets in (the 8th judge was just overwhelmed and told me he could not pick one over another in all that cuteness;) so I think that was a pretty fair way to go.

I am always nervous at new venues as it takes a while to develop a loyal following and customer base. This is a super venue and even on our first event the kids did well. Top earner was YouButterflyMeVintage who was nudging a profit of R2000, well done Chloe! Second was Popsockets and third was Sweetastic. The total net profits at time of handing in sheets was R6800 which breaks down to an average of about R300 per stall. (Many stalls are run in pairs or groups.) However much trading was done after sheets were handed in so I think that may have gone up considerably. This is lower than usual but for a new venue where we need to refine our strategy I think we are all happy. There are no prizes for top earnings as the cash is its own reward, however we are making a special late award to Kyra Semler of Sweetastic for philanthropy, she ran a raffle of her stunning meringues in a lovely big glass jar and raised R170 which she donated to our Knysna Fires Fund. Our other top earners also donated generously, as did most of the young entrepreneurs, I am so proud of them all. However Kyra made a supreme effort and she is getting a lovely V&A voucher to enjoy in the holidays!


The awards went as follows:

Entrepreneur of the Day: Khaya’s Emporium

Best Advert: The Soap Cellar

Product Innovation: Gabriel’s Mucky Stuffs

Best Display: Made it Pretty by Peyton

Accounting: Popsockets

Sales excellence: SA Cool Trading Kids

Greenest Stall: Cook & Craft

Busker of the Day: Milisa Ndlebe

Runner up Entrepreneurs of the Day: Beauty arts and crafts

Special award for youngest traders: Sweet Tooth Brothers

Special spot prize: Oni’s Organics

Philanthropy: Sweetastic (late award)

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! And to each young entrepreneur – you have all done more than most adults already! It is really HARD to create a product, cost it and bring it to market, most people never do. So whether you won an award or not you are for sure a WINNER!

Massive thank you to our prize sponsors:

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship (A whopping 20 tickets for cruises)

The big wheel (8 tickets)

Toy Kingdom (R500 Voucher)

Lego (2 Massive speciality sets)

The V&A (Goodie bags for every participant & voucher)

This is the first time since we began the PMM that we have ever had prizes like this, we are very grateful.

Thank you too to some more fantastic Capetonians who helped us:

Paul from MINUTEMAN PRESS WESTLAKE printed all our certificates and pledges. He has also offered a special discount to any traders wishing to get any printing done for markets. Take your certificate along and chat to him about a deal.

Jonathan from ALL PHASE ELECTRICAL who sponsored lunch money for all the outreach traders and also stress balls for the goodie bags. His family spent the entire day too – Thank you!

More thank you’s:

A very special thank you to Colette Hansen for her endless support from day one of PMM who was chief admin for the day. And to Declan Webber who jumped in for the first time and was an absolute rock star! Benson Arendse is a PMM parent who I have dragged in – he is really hands on, helped to carry all those tables upstairs so he has longer arms these days. Benson has taken on the buskers arm, something I have been trying to get going since day one back in Jan 2015 and under his care it looks set to be a winner. Zenn Viljoen was our official musician and MC, he gave up a lot to be there and is exactly the nurturing soul our aspiring musicians need. For all those who told me how much they enjoyed his brilliant music he has a CD available, get in touch. Lots of people did lots of things, especially for our outreach traders and I am so grateful to all of you.

To the V&A team: George, Henry, Laura from Workshop 17, Ayanda who organized the prizes and all the rest of the team, but especially Nelis who went above and beyond the call of duty. You guys are an inspiration and I have never had such a lot of input and help ever. THANK YOU! I am not sure if anyone saw, but they had the PMM video ads playing on big screens throughout the V&A.

Thanks also to Beyoncifer McGee who is running the Mitchell’s Plain branch of PMM – one of her many great projects and I look forward to a long partnership!

Thanks and well done to our young photography team: Michelle, Mia and Danny – Deep South Photography!

Last but not least, Rotary for the V&A introduction, their ongoing support, help judging, mentorship and great ideas. In particular Siham, Andy and Geraldine, you guys open doors and make real, practical solutions happen.

Busking report:

This being our very first busking event we learned as we went along and leaned very heavily on the experience of 2 remarkable individuals.

Zenn Viljoen: A very talented busker well known across the Peninsula for his unique genre and style.Once the buskers were delivered into his care , he successfully crafted individual performances into an eclectic whole, tastefully held together by his master of ceremony like skills and knowledge of the busking scene.. On the day it came across as a polished performance with a remarkable lack of nerves and glitches.

Benson Arendse: A widely networked individual who also happens to parents to 2 traders. In a very short time he was able to summon his vast network to deliver an excellent selection of very young and equally talented musicians.

The quality of sound is a critical component to any live performance. A trumpet played too loud or a vocalist set to soft can be off-putting for any audience regardless of the age and musical ability of the performer. We are very grateful for the commitment showed by the staff of the V&A staff in the build up to the event and even on the day. By them making a high quality sound system (mixing board,mic and speakers). This factor plus the huge pull-factor of the Watershed created a great platform for young buskers to test their talent in a challenging, yet supportive space.

Performances sought to be a supporting act to the 40 plus traders on the next floor, this would always be a tight rope to walk with young performances keen to showcase their talents. However, in much the same way as traders came away with a “real world” experience of selling their products, in much the same way each of the performances walked away with a financial recompense which hopefully will go a long way in them crafting and further developing their skills and talents.

Some significant features for the day included:

An unrehearsed trio performance by our keyboardist: Caleb. Vocalist: Anna and guitarist: Sashin.

Impromptu performance by an 8yr old musical protégé : Eléna entertaining the audience with pieces by Robert Eilenberg and JS Bach.

The Busker of the Day: Milisa: a young talent from the projects.

“Flippin’ Awesome” for a first time – this is going to be epic as we go forward.

Looking ahead:

We are in full swing for 24 June at Longbeach Mall already and the ads are up on Facebook, then we go into 3 days of holiday workshops on 12, 13 & 14 July. In addition I’ll be doing the first week of the holidays in Mitchel’s plain at workshops there too. Please mail me for info.

In closing, I must just say I was completely overwhelmed by the press and all that on Youth Day and they kind of side swiped me. I did not have nearly as much time with the kids and parents as I’d have liked but we are back to normal now. Good news is that all that publicity is bringing in more great venues and lets keep hoping for a sponsor. It is clear we have outgrown out initial model, I am working on improvements and all suggestions and help are most welcome. Doing this after hours is clearly not going to cut it so plotting like mad. However…an imperfect something is probably still better than a perfect nothing;)


See you at the market,

Lin x

PS Please also see



Youth Day Pocket Money Market at the V&A

Join us on Youth Day 16 June for a bumper Pocket Money Market at the Watershed (Mezzanine area) at the V&A Waterfront from 11:30am to 2pm. At 2pm we will have a short talk from the Two Oceans Aquarium as the PMM goes plastic free and then awards for Entrepreneur of the Day as well as 7 category winners and the lucky draws.

Here is the provisional trader line-up and the ads are up on Facebook too: (Likes count towards the award so please like your favorite and share away.) Heaps of fab Father’s Day gifts!

Stall Name Goods for sale
Cook & Craft Peanut Brittle, Eco fire lighters, Magic Carpet Cleaner, Urchin Jellyfish, Dip if you Dare activity, Fresh sprouts, catnip cat toys.
Sticky Bubblegum Headbands, hand made cards, bookmarks, self made funky room decor like cushions, bookends and snowglobes, self made handbags, home made lip balm
Made It Pretty by Peyton Washi tape notebooks, pencils, notepads, gift tags
Handcrafted Greeting Cards (birthday / baby / teacher / Christmas / thank you)
Tic Tac Toe (natural stones in a cotton bag)
Roll-a-dice and WIN
Love Stones
Sweetastic Creations by Kyra Mixed meringues, mini biscuits, sweet shots, jelly. Hair ties and braclets for kids.
The Soap Cellar natural soaps, shampoo, handwash, dog shampoo, giant bubbles mix, lip balms and a raffle for a Shaun the Sheep soap!
Beauty , arts & crafts Sticker pictures, Ceramic potted succulents and terrariums.
Khaya’s Emporium Twiggit candle holders (R 15-50), Stone Lights- tee-lights (R 15), Macrame lanterns and plant holders (R 30 – 60), Message in a peg (R 15), Handmade picture frames (R 15- 30)
PoPsockets We sell pop sockets, a phone accessory that enables you to easily hold your phone and mount it on the ground. Available in various colours and styles.
Helena’s Yummy Treats  Biscuits and caramel squares, choc blocks.
YouButterflyMeVintage Vintage clothing
Hello Jewelry made with beads
Emily’s Sweet & Savoury Cheese grillers.
Creamed spinach pop tarts. Butternut & feta pop tarts.
Cinnamon & sugar ring donuts. Coconut ring dounuts.
Decorate your own cupcake.
Aneeqah’s Party Packs Party Packs
My Take by Hannah Cards, Necklaces and Sun Catchers.  Campbell – Chili Paste
Made By Teens Upcycle item: Vanilla Scented Shell Candles
Upcycled Cereal Boxes into Masks for Fun
Combo: Homemade JuJu sauce
King’s Fooseball arcade  Games
Oni’s Healthy Kids Corner  Healthy luchbox snacks & healthy habits charts
SA Cool Trading Kids  Fresh produce, Good dog Biscuits, Book exchange & Crafts
Robert’s Plants  Succulents
Gabriel’s Mucky Stuffs  Worm tea, seedlings, free range eggs,  Sunflower eggs/cups, Wick Planters
Cambell’s Chilli’s  Chili paste
Face Art Face Art paint
Sweet Tooth Brothers Waffle rolls, jam and cream tarts, peanut ring bisquits, apple crumbles, jam bisquits, glazed bisquits. Honey cake, Chocolate cake (22 cm). A raffle with Chocolate Happy Father’s Day cake (27 cm).
Angel’s Delight Muffins, Cupcakes, Lamingtons
Sherbet drawstring bags, moonbags and socks

For the first time the kids have made video ads too – check them in action here:

Awards are as follows:
1) Entrepreneur(s) of the Day
2) Best advert (Likes on Facebook will count towards this)
3) Best display (Stall presentation)
4) Accounting Excellence
5) Product innovation
6) “Greenest” Stall (Environmental awareness)
7) Excellence in sales skills
8) Busker of the Day
Others may be awarded at judges discretion.

We have an awesome line up of young buskers too and are super lucky to have musician Zenn Viljoen joining as coordinator and MC.


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Just a few ads to give you an idea, but please visit the Facebook page for the full line up.

Young Entrepreneurs Pocket Money Market is an NPO aimed at helping children develop the skills to become self employed. Free workshops, startup assistance and ongoing support are provided. At the moment we are about one third “outreach” and the earnings are often an essential part of the household income. We run unfunded and need volunteers and sponsorship like air.

For more information please contact 0833840590 or mail For bookings and nation wide availability scroll down to the next post.



The following market will be on 24 June at Longbeach Mall and there are free workshops covering 5 modules in the holidays. Book via
We strive to light a spark & nurture a spirit of entrepreneurship in order to grow a sustainable economy. We are very environmentally conscious with no single use plastic permitted and awards for sustainable products. While there are a few entrepreneurship courses out there, this is very practical empowering the kids to overcome real obstacles and earn real cash. We also take kids from as little as 5 and there all workshops and training are free. Traders are encouraged to pay a small stall rent to teach the concept of overheads (Max R50) but only when they have become profitable and can afford it.
We run at one third “outreach” and these kids receive start up assistance and ongoing support, transport and general help. All kids get free workshops and individual business training. Because growing a sustainable place based economy feels like the best thing to be doing round about now.
Volunteers and sponsorship always welcome. On Friday we have 16 outreach lids and I would love to give them each R30 “lunch money” to spend. If anyone feels like contributing to this it would be awesome.


Each trader will sign a plastic free pledge as we ban single use plastics at the PMM #Everyoneiswelcome to #bethechange as we have a group pledge at 2pm with Two Ocans Aquarium.

Plastic Free Pledge traders.jpg

Many MANY thanks to the V&A Waterfront for hosting us!

See you at the market!


Bookings open for markets & workshops in May, June & July Nation Wide

Just a reminder to get your bookings in for:

Markets on 27 May a & 24 June Longbeach Mall can be booked here:

Youth day market at the V&A Waterfront on Friday 16 June (long weekend) can be booked here:

Calling all performing arts kids! We have BUSKING SLOTS at the V&A Youth Day event on 16 June. To book your space please mail or whatsapp 0833840590. I will need your name, age and a short clip of what you do. There is no fee.
Slots are limited so don’t delay.

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Registration in different areas: We are now offering free workshops and markets to trade in Mitchell’s Plain and also launching in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Please register for Mitchell’s Plain here:–REuGejmoO5eCg89R8UEytUK5M3hHC81PHU4otw/viewform

Please register for Gauteng events here:

Please register for Hillcrest, Kwa-Zulu Natal here:

There will be free workshops in the holidays: 5 and 20 July Cape Town – Southern suburbs. Mid month in Mitchells Plain (details tbc) and via skype anywhere in the country on request. A group of 5 or more can initiate a workshop at any time. Modules available are:                                                                                                                                           1) Costing & Pricing
2) Marketing & Sales – Incl need identification, market research, 4P’s
3) Operational management – incl production, product optimisation, etc
4) Basic financial management – incl record keeping, capital investment, returns & profitability, depreciation
5) Online marketing & sales – get out of the sun, wind and rain!
All suitable for children from about 6 or 7 up to adults. Younger kids are welcome too although they won’t get quite as much out. Workshops are structured around a fun activity to keep it interesting and largely related to actual traders to keep it practical and real.
Workshops are free to traders, please mail to book.
I’d dearly love to find some sponsorship so I can take a bit of time to refine, publish and write more.

I am really impressed with the progress I see in the traders, steadily increasing returns and refinements in products and marketing. The average net profit is around R300-R350 per stall with some still hitting the R1000 mark even in winter trading. Not bad for 2 hours of trading! This should be after they take their labour costs into consideration if they are applying my costing process. I am also super happy to see that traders are starting to get ingredients and materials sponsored or discounted. I encourage them to practice their negotiation skills on me when collecting “rent”. Rent is not compulsory but when I collect the accounting sheets after trading I do charge the regulars rent as it teaches the concept of overheads. There is a maximum of R50 and I always keep it below 20% of net profit. It is then up to the kids to haggle or barter and some are getting really good at this! While I am really proud to see them develop these skills, and love my bartered goodies, it leaves me in the red, so any donations are always welcome.

I am still on the hunt for young photographers and young reporters who would like to document our markets, awards and workshops. We now have pretty regular radio and TV slots and a great online reach so it has the potential to be a fabulous platform.

I would like to say a massive thank you to:

Longbeach Mall for hosting us, so great to be warm and dry in the winter months!

The V&A Waterfront for hosting us on Youth Day

Rotary for their ongoing support and encouragement

Cape Talk and Cape TV for their coverage

All the children and parents who lend a hand, particularly Robert, Connor, Gabriel, King, Benson and Leigh who help with tables, banners, lifting and so forth.

All the shoppers for their patronage and words of encouragement.

PMM is a safe space for children to learn and experiment. #Everyoneiswelcome

As always any suggestions, feedback, new venues and sponsorship are most welcome. I am in urgent need of volunteers to help with the outreach children, both one-off and regular monthly helpers. Drop me a line at or 0833840590. Please remember to click “Follow” on this blog to receive updates and follow us on Facebook for more regular info as well as photos of events. P_lease note this is an “after hours” project to I can only respond in the evenings and weekends.

Young Entrepreneurs Pocket Money Market which is an NPO offering free training and running markets for children up to 16 years old. We aim to provide an environment that nurtures a spirit of entrepreneurship and a safe space to experiment and learn while earning an income. Our motto is EARN, LEARN & HAVE FUN! All children are welcome and those who need start up support are welcome to apply. We will assist them with a plan, funding for their first round of raw materials and transport as well as actual “manufacture” and the financial and marketing basics they need.
Those wishing to join can apply for a stall via the links above and will need to send in a pre market advert. There are some POS requirements and an accounting sheet to complete. All traders fulfilling these requirements get a certificate of participation and we have an “Entrepreneur of the Day” award at each event. Once a term we have an awards event with a variety of categories and an Entrepreneur of the Term too.


Full Steam ahead! Report backs & next events

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It has been a really busy few weeks and I’ve not been able to keep up with the website – SORRY!

We had a great workshop and awards event on 5 April. We had space for 20 children and managed to fit 21! The workshop was a Marketing and Sales module where we investigated need identification, market research, the 4P’s and some advertising strategies. I was really impressed with how the children are managing the concepts, some are even at the stage of calculating the return on capital employed!  Their fun activity was decorating (and then eating) an Easter egg which helped keep the younger ones concentrating through the lecture. I always love how the kids engage at these workshops and come away inspired!

Awards were given as follows:

Emily’s Sweet & Savoury – Best Niche Market

Robert’s Plants – Top Earner

Maleteka’s Crafts – Best new trader

Helena’s Yummy Treats – Most improved accounting

Oni’s Organics – Sales excellence


Over All Young Entrepreneur for the Term is The Soap Cellar – Congratulations Rachel!


We have had great markets at Noordhoek Farm Village, Longbeach Mall and the Blue Train Park in Greenpoint and the Entrepreneur of the day at those were “Made it Pretty”; Soap Cellar and Helena’s Yummy Treats respectively. Well done!

Bookings are open for 29 April at Longbeach Mall and we are shifting to winter schedule and as it is exam term we have just 2 indoor markets a month for next term. Our flagship event is Youth Day 21 June and we are going to announce our amazing venue for that shortly.

We have also launched a dedicated branch for Mitchell’s Plain and a new branch in Gauteng.

We now have some 600 children registered and things are starting to accelerate. I have drafted the first 5 modules of the syllabus too:                                                                               1) Costing & Pricing
2) Marketing & Sales – Incl need identification, market research, 4P’s
3) Operational management – incl production, product optimisation, etc
4) Basic financial management – incl record keeping, capital investment, returns & profitability, depreciation
5) Online marketing & sales – get out of the sun, wind and rain!
All suitable for children from about 6 or 7 up to adults. Younger kids are welcome too although they won’t get quite as much out. Workshops are structured around a fun activity to keep it interesting and largely related to actual traders to keep it practical and real.
Workshops are free to traders.
I’d dearly love to find some sponsorship so I can take a bit of time to refine, publish and write more.
Next workshops will be in the June/July holidays, I’ll try fit 3 in. Any group of 5 or more may initiate a workshop in the mean time.

On a personal note, many thanks to Rotary who gave me a Vocational Award last week. It was most humbling to be nominated in the company of some very prestigious institutions who have achieved amazing things for many years already. It feels like this project is taking off and I need to find more time for it. If anyone is able to assist with fundraising or sponsorship I am not good at that and would appreciate any help. We also really need volunteers to help at events and with the outreach children for mentorship and “making days”.

I would also love to have some children that will be our “young reporters” and “young photographers” for this project. We have great online reach and it could be an excellent platform for them to showcase their talents.

For more photos and details of our events please follow us on Facebook which has more regular posts and feel free to contact me directly on 0833840590 or

Thanks for your support and see you at the market!



Free Workshop & Awards Wed 5 April

There will be a workshop on Wed 5 April from 2:30 5:00pm (school holidays).

These workshops are free to traders and will include awards and a short social after.

Date: Wed 5 April

Venue: Peak Academy, 1st Floor of the Triangle Square Building, 49 First Avenue, Fish Hoek.  Gmap I will have a banner outside. Entrance is through the white gate next to Horton’s Bake shop and up the stairs. There is heaps of parking in the lot across the road. Many thanks to Peak Academy for hosting us!

Time: 2:30-5:00pm

We begin the workshop at 2:30 sharp. Doors will be open from 2pm for drop offs. If your child wants to come but you are at work, please give me a call and I will see if we can connect lifts.

The formal workshop will be about one hour with about 30 minutes for discussion and personal help afterwards.

At 4pm we will do the awards for the traders who participated between our last workshop in December and now.

From 4:30 there will be a social with a little party and some fun activities and we will be doing some trader interviews for the website for those who wish to participate.

Please collect children by 5pm.

Please contact me if you are at work and cannot transport children to this. I will do my best to assist and can take some kids home with me if you can only collect after work.


These are light, fun events but the improvement in performance after attending has been great. This workshop will concentrate on marketing and sales. We will explain the broader function of marketing, identification of consumer needs, the “Four P’s” and examine some pricing strategies. We will look at using the feedback from the summer trading to refine our products and maximize returns. There will be a bit more theory than usual as the experienced traders are ready to move forward, but I will have some activities out for the younger kids to keep them engaged. We will work through some free and paid online advertising strategies with details on how to refine target markets in order to maximize reach. There will also be a short segment on online safety for children. Parents are welcome to attend.

Any group of 5 or more can initiate a workshop to catch up – I particularly recommend everyone gets to the costing and pricing module. We can fit that in these holidays too if there is enough demand.

Please bring snacks and drinks to share.


Everyone is welcome at these events and as always all suggestions and assistance gratefully accepted. There is no charge for kids who are trading or planning to trade but donations are always welcome. For those attending who are not part of the PMM a R50 contribution is requested.

Any assistance with the event itself, refreshments, transport, sponsorship of prizes and certificates would be most gratefully accepted as this is a self funding NPO.


Please RSVP with a message to 0833840590 or a mail to as spaces are limited.

30 Young Entrepreneurs Trading on Sat 25 March

Hi everyone – I hope you all had a great holiday yesterday.
WELCOME to our new traders!
We are ready to go indoors for our first autumn market this Saturday at Longbeach Mall with 30 young entrepreneurs trading at 22 Stalls. Pop on down between 10:30 and 1 to support these creative kids as they EARN, LEARN & HAVE FUN! Awesome goodies, crafts, plants, treats and heaps of fun activities too. ENTREPRENEUR OF THE DAY will be awarded at 1pm.
Most of the ads are in, check them out here: and please share far and wide too:
Trader list Saturday 25 March Longbeach Mall
  1. Roberts Plants
  2. The Soap cellar
  3. Emily’s Sweet & Savoury
  4. Sweet Pop
  5. Oni’s Organics
  6. Cook n Craft
  7. Amazing Creations
  8. Made It Pretty
  9. Beeswacky
  10. Tatsa’s Paper crafts Advert needed
  11. 11.Dean’s shop of fun
  12. Cookie Bun
  13. My Take by Hannah
  14. SA Cool Trading Kids
  15. Maleteka’s Cards and Jewlery
  16. Oh Fudge!
  17. Helena’s biscuits
  18. Gabriels Mucky Stuffs
  19. Toys for You
  20. Khaya’s Emporium
  21. Delights
  22. Campbell’s Chili Factory


Each stall is required to have a sign and complete the accounting sheet provided as well as sending in a pre market advert. All children fulfilling this will get a certificate of participation and there will be an Entrepreneur of the Day. 


There is a non-compulsory registration fee  R50 for 1 or 2 children and an extra R20 for additional children. If you are unable to pay this fee please contact me to apply for a reduced fee or a free stall. I do however think it is a good idea to teach the children the concept of rent and overheads. I usually collect this after the accounting sheets are in and keep it below 20% of net profit.

Trestle tables are provided and there are some chairs too, but you may like to bring a chair. Please bring a cloth.

We are trading from 10:30 am to 1:00pm,  I am happy for you to arrive at 10:00 if your set up is quick.

We are outside Edgars on the main concourse, table choice is first come first serve.

Remember your change float.

I attach the new accounting sheet and suggest you complete as much as possible at home before the market.

Completed sheets must be handed in at 12:45 please, if you need help please just ask during the market.

When you arrive, please see me and book in BEFORE setting up.

All stalls must have a sign please.

A couple of rules: No playing on cell phones during trading please, they are best packed away for security anyway.

Please try not to eat at your stall, it looks unprofessional. I know the kids get peckish and a quick bite is fine but don’t make the stall a picnic area. No gum chewing while trading please.

While younger kids need adult help I think from about 10/11 years they should be fine without and I am around if they need help. For those needing help please can we keep it to just one adult at the stall, otherwise the event loses the kiddie vibe.

When you pack up please leave your area immaculate, if you have had messy activities please pick up any bits.

We are all ambassadors for the PMM and I am always proud that the kids are so much more professional than the pros!

Please feel free to call me on 0833840590 if you would like any help or have questions.

Lastly traders kindly confirm with a mail or message you have this mail and are 100% confirmed if you have not done so.

Thanks for your support and massive thanks to Longbeach Mall for hosting us.